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"The best cars have electronic locks. You're gonna have to learn a new trick." Vinny

The signal cloner is only used on two vehicles: The Vulcan Spectre and the Kubra GTS. It is a necessary purchase if the player is trying to complete the storyline or get all of the achievements in the game.

To use the cloner, the thief must be near the tenant in 205, 207, or 304. They can be on the other side of a wall, just as long as they are close enough for the cloner to catch the signal.

Hold the interaction button until a confirmation beep is heard--The cloner will then display a steady green light. Now the thief can approach the car, open the door, and start the engine without issue.

Bug: The lights on the cloner may not always show the correct state. The best way to tell if a signal has been cloned is to once again approach the tenant and try to recapture the signal.