Thief Simulator Wiki

"Pick up that crowbar and listen up." Vinny

The crowbar is the first tool given to the thief. It is found on the ground at the very beginning of the tutorial.

This tool has only one function: Breaking things. At the beginning, it is the starter tool for "unlocking" windows by way of breaking them so the thief can reach the inside lock. Once better tools are acquired, it is mainly used to break different objects around the houses for missions.

A flat-screen TV broken by the crowbar.

A Yellow Vase broken by the crowbar.

Breaking windows when a tenant is home will cause the police to be called. Breaking items will make noise that alerts the tenants, but they may not investigate the noise or call the police right away.

If the crowbar is somehow lost, it can be purchased on the Tools4Thieves website for $30.


The crowbar is necessary for two achievements:

  • Plumbing Expert - Break 10 toilets
  • Who Needs Dishes - Break 10 dishes

Note: The "Fresh Air" achievement can be accomplished using bricks.