Thief Simulator Wiki

"Hey, some dope left a flashlight on the ground. Take it, but don't let nobody see the light and call the cops." Vinny

The flashlight is the second tool given to the thief during the tutorial mission. Like the crowbar, it is found on the ground near Greenview 110 and 111.

While the flashlight's use is very obvious, the player should be aware that using the light will make the thief more visible when stealing in dark areas. It is entirely possible for a pedestrian on the street to see the thief inside a house if he has the flashlight on near an uncovered window.

Once Electronics Lv 2 is unlocked, the flashlight can be replaced by the more stealthy and efficient Night Vision Goggles.

If the flashlight is somehow lost, it can be purchased on the Tools4Thieves website for $60.