Thief Simulator Wiki

The Hacking PDA is the first tool the thief acquires that can handle keypads and security consoles. It is another tool for opening doors and gates, but is also handy for disabling pesky window shutters.

To use the PDA, approach and interact with a keypad. A hacking minigame will be presented, similar to the one used to unlock electronics back at the hideout.

Hacking PDA.jpg

Just like the Hacking Tools minigame, the player must connect two pairs of arrows by making a green pathway between them. Rotate the circuits in each square until the path completes.

Tenants won't notice if their security system has been disabled, but they will notice that a door or gate keypad was unlocked. As soon as the police are called, both the security panels and keypad locks are reset and have to be hacked again.

Note: Keypads and security panels cannot be hacked while the police are at a two-star alert level. Their minigames will continue to reset after each attempt.

Bug: If a door with a keypad is left open during a police visit, the thief will have to use the Hacking PDA on it again before the door can be closed.