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Introduced in patch 1.080, the hideout is a purchasable house that becomes a brand new location for the thief to use as a base of operations. The house can be decorated with furniture, wallpaper, and even stolen goods, and all activities performed at the starter garage can be performed here, except for the practice locks/panels.

The hideout becomes available at level 23 and costs $30,000 to unlock. As of patch 1.2, purchasing the hideout is required in order to progress the story beyond Vinny's final assignment. Once the thief has moved on to using the hideout in the story, he is no longer able to complete any of his usual activities in the garage (the interactive objects will disappear). The garage is still usable in NG+ Mode even when the hideout is purchased.

If a player uses Console Commands to skip through the story, the hideout will not show up on the location menu until level 23, even if it is purchased. It is a good idea for the player to complete the final step of the final deal manually before continuing to use the console.

Inside, there is a corridor, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and an open area for a kitchen/living room combo. Players are free to decorate these rooms as they see fit and can order furniture from a new website:

House Ripoff


Furniture and wallpaper can be purchased through this site, but only for the house--Neither item type can be purchased or used in the garage. Up to four pieces of furniture can be purchased at a time depending on the size of each piece, and each furniture item will appear on a long palette near the front gate.

If a certain piece of furniture is no longer needed, the player can carry it out to the dumpster near the front gate and it will immediately disappear. Note: Just carrying the furniture close to the dumpster will cause it to be recycled, so be careful when carrying newly purchased items.

A full palette of furniture.

The recycling dump.


All wallpapers cost $200 a roll and will be added to the thief's inventory when purchased. Each roll only covers one segment of a wall and there are a total of 83 wall segments in the house, meaning the thief will have to pay $16,600 to redo the entire interior. Below is a breakdown of each room and how many wallpaper rolls they need:

Room # of Segments Cost
Bedroom 12 $2,400
Hallway 21 $4,200
Living Room/ Kitchen 17 $3,400
Bathroom 11 $2,200
Garage 22 $4,400

Players currently have a choice between 12 different wall colors, including the ability to repurchase the default:

Preview Description Preview Description
WP Black.jpg
Vintage Pattern Black
WP Green.jpg
Vintage Pattern Green
WP Orange.jpg
Vintage Pattern Orange
WP Black and Gold.jpg
Black with Vintage Gold Patterns
WP Beige.jpg
Beige Pattern with Top Moulding
WP Yellow.jpg
Vintage Pattern Yellow
WP White.jpg
Vintage Pattern White
WP Grey.jpg
Grey with Feather Patterns
WP Stucco.jpg
WP Rose.jpg
Rose-Colored Vintage Pattern with Top Moulding
WP Tan.jpg
Plain Tan with Top Moulding
WP Default.jpg
Plain White with Top Moulding (Default)

The ceiling, floor, and exterior walls cannot be modified.


As with the home location (garage), players can decorate the thief's hideout with most of the stolen items he brings home. Items such as vases, instruments, paintings, and even antiques can be set on shelves, walls, or the floor. Items that are meant to be decorations will have a "Hold" option when viewing them in the thief's inventory. All other items are not meant to be used as decorations, but it is technically possible to decorate with them, if the thief is positioned above a surface and the item is carefully dropped.

Garage Features

The stations that are normally found in the home location are also visible in the garage section of the hideout, including a small couch for sleeping. Benches are set up for the test locks; however, they are currently not functional. A hacking station and jewelry table are both positioned against the walls, and a hydraulic lift is in the middle of the garage, close to the thief's computer station. There is also a storage cabinet which can be used to store items separately from the cabinet in the home location. Any items stored in this location cannot be retrieved from the storage in the other.

The couch and the shelves can be moved out of the garage to other parts of the house. At this time, it doesn't appear that any of the tables can be moved; however, new tables can be purchased on the House Ripoff site.

Easter Egg

Explore outside of the perimeter fence.

You can climb onto the roof of the hideout using the oil barrels stacked against the outside wall. If you then jump from the peak of the roof you can jump over the perimeter fence and explore outside of the Hideout boundaries. Interestingly, it seems like the developers were expecting this behavior. While the vast majority of the perimeter fence has a taller hitbox that prevents you being able to jump over it, there is one section of fence that has a ramp leading up to it from the outside which will allow you to re-enter the enclosure.