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"You don't want someone to see their own necklace at the pawn shop. You gotta break it down first." Vinny

Before any necklace can be sold, it must first be taken apart so it can't be recognized. The jewelry toolkit comes with two tools for removing gems from the bracelets and necklaces that the thief steals.

Disassembly takes place at the workbench in the garage or the thief's hideout. First, the player will be given a list of jewels to choose from (even if they only have one in their inventory), then the chosen item will be displayed in a close-up. Taking the jewelry apart is simple from there:

Jewelry Closeup.jpg

Rotate the item if necessary, select the gem, then hold down the interaction key to remove the gem from its setting. After all gems have been removed, jewelry parts will be placed in the thief's inventory, which the pawnbroker will gladly purchase.

Note: Jewelry does not gain or lose value after it is taken apart. The value displayed on the bracelet or necklace is exactly what will be paid once it is ready to be sold.