Thief Simulator Wiki

This new game mode was added in patch 1.06 as a way of continuing the game without the story missions. After a player has gone through the story and watched the end credits, the option is unlocked for them to start a new profile in NG+ mode:

NG+ Select.jpg

When the game is started, the thief begins in the garage at level 50 with all of his skills unlocked. He has a stipend of $100 he can use to buy starting tools--All tools need to be purchased even though their associated skills are already learned. The van will also have to be purchased, but it is already available for sale at the Pawn Shop.

Note: The Crowbar and Flashlight from the original tutorial missions are still laying on the ground in the yards behind 110 and 111, and can be picked up as a free alternative to purchasing them online.

Security Updates

Locks in most houses have been updated to the next level of difficulty. For example: The balcony door of 104 requires a Mini Electric Lock Pick instead of a Lockpick to unlock. This means the thief will need to be better equipped early on to gain access to all of the homes in each neighborhood.

Tenant Routines

It is a good idea to buy several micro cameras early on to help the thief quickly learn all of the new tenant routines. All tenants have different patterns of behavior in NG+ mode, and several that used to stay out for long periods of time now only make brief trips. The thief will be challenged to make most of his robberies while the tenants are still home. See each individual house page for their different routines.

StealYourForums and Rent-A-Thug

Right away, players will notice that all hints and side missions are available for Greenview St., but will need to be unlocked for Richie R. St. and Industrial St. To unlock the hints and missions, go to one lot in each neighborhood and mark a tenant's routine. The thief does not need to steal anything and in fact, this will not update the websites. Once he returns to the hideout or garage, the tab/link for the visited neighborhood will appear.

Note: The tabs can be revealed in any order; however, until the player also marks a tenant routine in Greenview, its tab/link will not appear on StealYourForums or Rent-A-Thug, and choosing a tab for a different neighborhood will prevent the thief from returning to the Greenview hints/missions until the garage/hideout is reloaded.

Placing/retrieving a Micro Camera will also trigger the tabs and links, but this is slower than simply marking a single tenant.

Loot Changes

Basic decorative items are mainly the same in all houses; however, several lootable items have been replaced with different versions. In Greenview, it is entirely possible to find locked tablets and smartphones in several houses, as well as expensive clocks and larger values of cash in piles. Note: There was a previous attempt to catalogue the loot differences; however, the loot seems to change with each new update/the start of a new NG+ game, so expect it to be different from what's listed on the individual house pages.'

Additionally, BlackBay has several new requests under the Other tab. These items are only available in NG+ mode and are highly valued on the website.

Known Bugs

  • All story mission requests are visible on BlackBay; however, these items cannot be retrieved during NG+ mode.
  • Because mission items do not appear, the Server Room on lot 303 is inaccessible in NG+ mode.