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These are the patch notes since the release of Thief Simulator. This includes updates made to the game, future plans, and patch tests.

Prerelease Youtubers / Streamers patch

8 NOV, 2018 @ 1:56AM - PETER

After watching countless videos of the game we made some balance tweaks and bug fixes. We are still testing this version so let us know if you found new bugs :)
Also I hope the new police siren won't be a problem for twitch :/ like the last one.

New patch - 1.02 car dismantle fixes and tweaks

9 NOV, 2018 @ 5:37AM - PETER

-visual changes to simple lockpicking minigame -car dismantle fixes and tweak

Game Release Stuff\

9 NOV, 2018 @ 10:03PM - PETER

Hi, the release is near, I want to thank all the beta testers and people who had helped us in the developement of this game.

Make sure to check some awesome YouTubers and twitch streamers playing our game, support them as they are the best :) Their videos will also help you decide if this game is for you.

Cheers, Peter

The Game is Released!

10 NOV, 2018 @ 12:10AM - PETER

Have fun :)

Post Release Info

10 NOV, 2018 @ 4:28AM - PETER

Hello, thanks everyone for the awesome support!

First I want to tell you all that we are already checking out the bugs you had reported.

Secondly we have plans to expand the game in near future! We are reading the feedback and we will write down the features that the players want the most.

Also in case of any issues with the game make sure to check the pinned topics first.

Cheers, Peter

Near Future Requests Pool

10 NOV, 2018 @ 5:42PM - PETER

Hey, just wanted to know what would you like the most, check this form:

Incoming Tweaks and Fixes

11 NOV, 2018 @ 2:03AM - PETER

Hi, we are gathering bugs and tweaks reported by the players and already working on them.

Please be patient, we are a small team and we are working night and day to help the players both with game patches and on the steam forums.

Patch 1.022

12 NOV, 2018 @ 4:27AM - PETER

It's a test patch, we will revert if any critical bugs are found. Features: -force 24 hour clock in options -vSync options -max frames per second options

Bug fixes -sleeping at parking and moving at the same time -typo in tutorial -strange text in French while looking at big items -other small but important fixes

Players Needed for Patch Testing

13 NOV, 2018 @ 4:03AM - PETER

Hi, we are making tons of fixes and we want to make sure we didn't break anything. If own the game you want to test fixes and features before they go to the main branch check this forum

EDIT: this is for the players that own the game :(

Patch 1.024

14 NOV, 2018 @ 2:16AM - PETER

here we go: - AI won't see the burglary from far away on closed doors - feature: trash button in storage for car parts - car brake should work correctly with turns - story clear data tablet and Cottage by Pecasso should not be sellable in the pawn shop - fixed bug with police spawning and despawning after pedestrian standing in front of the player's car (strange looped sound was made) -small fixes -fixed Vulcan door problem -implemented backup save system

As always, if some critical bugs show up, we will revert to previous Public testing 1.025 available

Patch 1.025

15 NOV, 2018 @ 1:51AM - PETER

Changes: -Feature: FOV settings in the main menu options -101 big items disappearing from car fixed -stronger brakes -small fixes

Let me know if anything serious went broken after this

Incoming First New Features

15 NOV, 2018 @ 9:41PM - PETER

Car Storage.png

What's in the box? Well whatever you put in it. Small item storage in the car coming soon! ...along with other fixes and tweaks.

Edit patch 1.026 available for testers

Police AI

16 NOV, 2018 @ 5:27PM - PETER

We are currently checking out what can be done with the police AI and there's one question we need you to let us know what you think. Should cops shoot you when you try to run away. Fill this form:

EDIT: We seems to get mixed opinions, We would like to avoid instant game over from police but still make them a threat not easy to outrun. Any ideas?

Patch 1.027

17 NOV, 2018 @ 3:25AM - PETER

Important changes and fixes: -added box in the car with limited storage -tablet [story] cloning fixed -Mr. Torres should not see you through the wall in the toilet -disassembling jewelry is now faster, only the gems -missing achievements will be achieved -first loading no longer asks to close the program -cameras can be disabled after the alarm -some old toasters for people looking for them -paintings should not go below the ground -Czech language support

A lot of stuff changed, I hope nothing is broken, if something goes wrong we will get back to the previous one.

More Fixes / Content Incoming

20 NOV, 2018 @ 7:16PM - PETER

Van Update.jpg

We are working day and night to bring you more content and fix bugs. First we will work on some AI, add some auctions. Then a new van. After that even more content.

Stay tuned! Little sneak peek...

Virtual cookie for anyone who knows what kind of van it is.

FB / Twitter and Patch Testing

29 NOV, 2018 @ 7:21PM - PETER

Hi, sorry for delay between the patches but as we add more features and not only fixes it takes a bit more time.

Make sure you check out our official twitter and facebook. We will post some wip pictures there from time to time.

Public beta tests are now live for our community testers on patch 1.032

If no serious bugs show up while testing we will post the new patch for everyone soon.

Van Release.png

Also the van was based on the A-team 1983 GMC Vandura :)

Patch 1.032

30 NOV, 2018 @ 10:35PM - PETER

Van Storage.png

Changes: -car big item storage system changed (base car has 2 flat item spots and 1 thick item spot) -added van (should show up in the pawn shop around level 20) -new auctions -police in house will now search for players and no go directly to them -added space -> jump, to lean use right mouse button and left right -German language fixes -when inventory is full items will not vanish from inventory after hacking -Korean language support -small bug fixes -new achievement

What are we working on right now

5 DEC, 2018 @ 7:09PM - PETER

Hi, thanks for the amazing support!

I want to keep you guys updated on what features we are working on right now: -throwing items with left click (throw a painting above the fence and load it in your brand new van) -getting big items through a window -bug fixes And in the near future new mansion and possibly Christmas event :)

A bit later: -putting paintings on walls in thief's house and small items on shelves -controller support (partial or full, not sure right now)

Edit: -we are also considering free play (no story) ng+ with harder difficulty and always respawning items but with skills and levels unlocked from the start

New Patch Coming This Week

20 DEC, 2018 @ 7:10PM - PETER

Hello there, we are currently testing the new patch with new mansion and Christmas event. It's going to be ready very soon :)

Public patch beta test available on the beta test forum for the players that bought the game.

Christmas is coming.png

Christmas patch 1.041

21 DEC, 2018 @ 5:05PM - PETER

Merry Christmas! The new patch is online! Can you steal all of the presents for a new achievement? New mansion, new auctions, throw big items and a lot of other stuff.

Christmas Patch.png

Change log: -new mansion 202 -new story mission (prequel to the last mission) -Christmas event -new achievement -new auctions -throw big items with left mouse button -throw items easily through windows -camera sound when detected + guards will check out the spot -small bug fixes -Hungarian language -Japanese language

Work in progress 15.01.2019

15 JAN @ 11:14PM - PETER

It's been a while since the last update, we wanted to share some of our WIP screens. Most important new features we are planning on adding: First: -first part of thief's house decoration (paintings on walls / items on shelves) -gamepad support

Bit later: -freeplay mode

After that: -new neighborhood and more story

Rare Valuables.png

Test Patch 1.05 Available

22 FEB @ 10:56PM - PETER

Hi! If you want to test gamepad support before the version goes live you can check it here: We will probably make it available for everyone on monday and let you guys know what next. (only for people that bought the game) Cheers

Controller Support.png

Patch 1.050

25 FEB @ 7:44PM - PETER

Hi, it's done, took a long while, the gamepad support was a bigger project than we expected, sorry.

Changes: -Gamepad support -Furniture system beta (will be expanded in the future) -AI changes (Important: police will now use taser guns from close range, police cars will have to hit player car for game over, tenant will try to run out of the house before calling the police) -lot of bug fixes EDIT: Make sure to rebind any keys changed before the patch because they will be cleared

Furniture Plans.png

Plans for the future:

Soon -new game plus+ (freeplay) -junkyard (for selling car parts etc)

Soonish -player house with furniture placement and ordering

Next -new industrial district -more story

Patch 1.055

28 FEB @ 9:27PM - PETER

Thanks for the awesome support! New patch time, this time it's released faster:

-police will now patrol the neighborhood after few times the player was seen by tenants (avoid detection to decrease threat) -fixed a bug where players couldn't unbind "Q" from quickslot (click few times on the X button next to the function key to remove all bindings, or clear the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Noble Muffins\Thief Simulator -checking hour routines should be now easier with gamepad -small fixes

Police Patrol 1.055

Patch 1.06

11 MAR @ 7:55PM - PETER

The new game + is here. To start a new game +, watch the last cutscene and make a new profile! Here's what's different on ng+: -no story -no experience, all skills are known at the start -some new items / auctions -some items will get randomized -locks should be different in some houses -tenant routines changed -new achievement and tool for those who like to grind some cash on ng+ and then play around with the game with a new Cloaking Device

Patch notes: -new game + added -achievement not showing bug fixed -some other small bug fixes

Cloaking Device.jpg

Patch 1.07

21 March 2019

Hi folks, this time it's the junkyard.

Patch notes:
-junkyard location added
-ability to sell car parts and cars
-cars respawn after selling
-achievement bug fix
-small fixes