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The long arm of the law.

Once the thief has been detected or caught doing something illegal, the police are called. He can try to escape them by hiding in a house, in a dumpster, or running through the neighborhood. If the thief manages to lose the police, they will make one more brief patrol before leaving the area. Getting caught means starting over at the next checkpoint or returning to the main menu.

Police Call

Multiple events will trigger the police:

  • When a tenant sees the thief, they will scream, run out of the house, then call the police.
  • If a tenant sees an unlocked door or window, they will call the police as they pass by. The door/window does not need to be open.
  • If a tenant is home when the thief uses a crowbar to break a window, an alarm will sound and the police will be called.
  • Security cameras will immediately alert the police if the thief steps into their line of sight.
  • Using a glass cutting knife on a window with a glass cut detector will alert the police.
  • Pedestrians that see the thief doing something suspicious on the street will also call the police. Suspicious activities include:
    • Crouching or sneaking around
    • Holding thief tools
    • Carrying large items like TVs or paintings
    • Entering, exiting, or standing in house yards (trespassing)
    • Blocking the flow of traffic on the sidewalk or in the street
    • Picking the locks on gates or doors in clear view of others

Police Chase

Two-Star Alert Level.

As of patch 1.050, evading the police has become more interactive. As long as the thief has not been detected by a tenant or pedestrian, he can easily hide in a closet or dumpster and wait for the coast to be clear.

When the police are called, the thief is immediately placed at a two-star alert level. Two patrol cars will pull up to the house where the alarm was tripped, and a police officer will spawn from one of them. The officer will conduct a full search of the property—unless the thief has been detected, in which case the officer will run straight to his location and attempt an arrest. If the thief remains undetected during the search, the officer will return to the car he spawned from, then the alert level will revert to one star.

Also, there's sometimes music playing while the police search for the thief.

[1] Music playing while the police is searching for the thief

The thief can also opt to make a run for it through the neighborhood. This may be his only option if a pedestrian was the one who made the call, or there are no hiding places within reach. The police officer will still attempt to search the property where the alarm was set off; however, if he spots the thief, he will give chase. If the officer manages to get close enough, he will shoot the thief with a taser gun and all progress since the last checkpoint will be lost.

The take-down.

Police cars can also give chase if the thief decides to use his vehicle to attempt a faster getaway. This is not recommended, as it can be dangerous to try an escape via the roads. The thief has a much better chance of shaking the police on foot since he can weave between houses and over more difficult terrain.

"You T-Boned me, bro!"

Police Search

One-Star Alert Level.

When the police are unable to find the thief, the threat level goes down to one star and the officer on foot will despawn at the nearest patrol car. A player can discreetly continue stealing during this time; however, as long as the cars are nearby, they can raise the alert level again if the thief enters their 360-degree line of sight.

Bug: When leaving the area, police cars will try to reach the nearest neighborhood entrance/exit road. At times, this means attempting to execute a U-turn or driving off-road. The cars can be found clipping through objects and may even crash into the thief’s car multiple times, resulting in repeated charges for repairs. They will eventually disappear if enough time has passed, but the thief can potentially get stuck in hiding while waiting for them to leave or despawn.

Police cars attempting a U-turn run into in some bushes.

Police Patrols

Walking the beat.

When the thief makes enough of an impact on a neighborhood, the police will start patrolling to try and catch him in the act. Multiple officers will walk the same paths as pedestrians, using sidewalks, crosswalks, and dirt paths to canvas the area. They can be spotted from far away, or noted by the blue line-of-sight cone pictured on the minimap:

The two blue cones pictured above indicate that two officers are patrolling nearby.

If a patrolling officer spots the thief on foot or in his vehicle, he will activate a two-star alert level and give chase.

The player can tell that officers are on patrol when they are selecting which neighborhood to visit. There will be a yellow or red badge symbol next to the neighborhood name:

Police Yellow.jpg This neighborhood is very close to getting a police patrol. Police Red.jpg The police are out looking for the thief.

To reduce the presence of police patrols, the thief must spend time stealing without alerting the authorities. He can return to the alerted neighborhood or visit a different one but must leave with something to make the warning level go down. It can be assumed that this is tied to the appearance of the loot summary screen. Sleeping in any location will not make a difference.

Getting Caught

Nobody's happy to see the thief.

There are at least seven ways to be caught in Thief Simulator, three of which involve the police. Once caught, a player's only options are exiting to the main menu, or returning to the last checkpoint.

  • If a police officer comes close enough, he will fire a taser shot at the thief and incapacitate him.
  • When a cop car gives chase, it will attempt to crash into the thief’s vehicle. A successful hit is considered a capture.
  • If a player gets a three-star wanted level, a helicopter may be dispatched to find the thief and can be sighted from the air.
  • Some tenants (exclusively male tenants) carry guns and can make a citizen’s arrest.
  • Security guards (primarily in Richie R Street and the Industrial Area) are also armed and capable of capturing the thief.
  • If the police find the thief’s car parked in a bad location (a driveway or garage, for example), the car will be towed and the thief’s run will be ended.
  • Driving the car into a pedestrian will also immediately end the run.
  • Attacking a pedestrian with a crowbar ends the run the same way driving a car into one does.

Avoiding Capture

The literal finish line.

As long as the thief can get off the property, he can make a run for it and escape capture by simply reaching the edge of the map. On foot or in a car, touching the map edge will end the run and give the player the option to head to the Garage, the Thief's Hideout, the Pawn Shop , or the Junkyard. However, if the player would prefer to continue their shopping spree, then the thief can hide until the heat dies down.

Hiding places are marked with this icon.

There are two types of hiding places in the game:

Closets Dumpsters

As long as the thief has not been detected, he can safely wait out the police presence in one of these locations. If detected, however, the police will immediately approach his hiding spot and make an arrest.

Hiding is not a safe option while the minimap says "Detected".


  • Before patch 1.050, single grey beds were a third option for hiding. Due to player feedback, this option was removed from the game.