Thief Simulator Wiki

"Here you can find a little extra work." ― Vinny

Besides stealing things for the fun of it or to pay back his debt to the Lombardis, the thief can take jobs on the Rent-A-Thug website to earn some extra cash on the side. Nearly all of these side missions require him to sneak into a house and break something, with some having the alternate option to steal that item instead. Obviously, it is far more lucrative to steal and sell whatever the mission asks for, since that item can be sold at the Pawn Shop and the mission reward will still be earned.

Items associated with side missions do not appear until the mission is accepted; therefore, it is not possible to take the item ahead of time and turn it in later. Once the task has been done, the mission completes and money is immediately awarded. If stealing an item, the mission reward will be given after the thief makes it out of the neighborhood.

As with BlackBay and the StealYourForums websites, additional side missions appear as the thief levels. During the Story Missions, jobs will not appear for the industrial district until the thief has completed at least one mission task in the area, regardless of his level.

NG+ Mode: Links for all of the neighborhoods (including Greenview St.) will have to be revealed by visiting that neighborhood and clicking on a tenant to mark their tenant routine. Stealing an item from that neighborhood will not trigger the links to appear. (Hints for Greenview will be visible, but without the neighborhood link, the player will not be able to navigate back to them from other links.) Placing and retrieving a Micro Camera will also trigger the links, but this is slower than simply marking a single tenant.

Jobs in yellow text are part of the main story.

Lot Request Reward Lvl
101 Break or steal a painting 560 12
101 Break their wine glasses 500 13
101 Break a window on the second floor 400 14
102 Break their dishes 400 13
102 Break or steal a decoration 400 13
103 Break or steal their lamp 400 12
103 Break their sink 400 12
104 Break a window 200 6
105 Break their toilet 150 7
105 Break or steal their TV 150 6
106 Break their sink 200 6
106 Break their dishes 200 7
107 Break their toilet 300 7
107 Break their window on the second floor 300 8
107 Break their wine glasses 300 7
108 Break or steal a decoration 300 8
108 Steal a painting: "Daisy" 300 9
110 Break or steal the painting 50 3
110 Break their dishes 50 1
112 Break or steal the "Kiss" painting 150 4
113 Break or steal the pear decoration 150 5
201 Break a garden gnome 1700 18
202 Break the old clock in the corridor 1500 17
202 Break a garden gnome 1700 18
204 Break the old clock in the corridor 1500 17
205 Break or steal their curved TV on the second floor 600 23
206 Break or steal the "Lioness" painting 2000 19
301 Destroy the statue in the container 5000 28
302 Destroy the motorcycle inside the workshop 4500 28
303 Destroy the important PC located on the first floor 3000 28