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The second neighborhood unlocked during the course of gameplay. Prior to patch 1.050, Richie R Street couldn't be accessed until Vinny sent the thief to deliver a package to house number 204. Now, players only need to reach level 14 to unlock the option to visit Richie R.

While there are only seven houses in the Richie R. neighborhood, each house has several items to steal that are worth several hundred dollars. Additionally, the antique collection can be stolen from most houses and sold on BlackBay for thousands. Several houses have cars worth stealing.

Since it is a wealthier neighborhood, Richie R. street has an increased level of security in comparison to Greenview. Many of the houses have at least two security cameras, while others have multiple security guards. Their sizable front yards and high fences can also make it more difficult to enter their properties or exit with large valuables. Several houses also feature glass cutter detection, which doesn't prevent the tool from being used, but will immediately alert the police if it is.

Neighborhood Layout

The map below includes house numbers and dumpster locations (D1-D5):

Richie O2.jpg


jackhammer place - next to 204

201 - The Reeds 206 - The Washingtons
202 - The Butlers 207 - The Fosters
204 - The Pattersons 208 - The Adams
205 - The Torres