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SPOILER ALERT: This page describes different events that happen during gameplay, including the game's ending.

The thief is the unnamed, silent protagonist of the Thief Simulator game. While working off his debt to the Lombardis, he has several opportunities to hone his skills and kickstart his thieving career.

Possibly Caucasian, or of some other European descent, the thief has a stereotypical thug appearance: Bald/shaved head, grim expression, and dark clothes. He could be considered average in size and build, since all characters in the game seem to stand at the same height and have generally healthy appearances.


One could argue that the thief started out as an amateur hoodlum before the beginning of the game, since he spends the gameplay learning better skills and buying better tools. At the very least, he is familiar to the Lombardis and the pawnbroker—The Lombardis knew enough about him to want to pay his bail, and the pawnbroker greets him with a “welcome back” during his first in-game trip to the pawn shop.

The thief was arrested not long before the game’s events, possibly for a more serious crime since he had to rely on the Lombardi family to pay his bail. Players begin the game when he begins paying back his debt.

Events of the Game

After hopping a stone fence, the thief gets a call from his handler, Vinny, who informs him that his bail was posted by the Lombardi crime family. They expect to have their debt repaid with a little dishonest work, and Vinny introduces him to the type of work he’ll be doing for them: Burglary and vandalism.

After finding some tools to help him break into Greenview 110, the thief passes through the yard to find a getaway vehicle waiting for him on a nearby street corner. He uses the hatchback to reach an old auto garage surrounded by concrete walls that allow him some privacy on all sides, then takes a rest on the couch in the garage’s loft. When he wakes up, Vinny calls and introduces him to several websites used by professional thieves to acquire tools and trade information.

He is sent to Greenview 109, but not before a quick trip to the pawn shop to make sure his pockets are empty. Vinny wants the TV in 109, but instead of having the thief pawn it, he wants it sent to him via BlackBay: A black market website where stolen items can be sold. While on the computer, he also learns about the website where thieves can pick up different jobs from unnamed clients.

For the early part of the game, the thief spends most of his time in Greenview enforcing the Lombardis’ hold on the neighborhood. He smashes dishes, windows, toilets, and TVs under Vinny’s instruction. He also steals heirloom jewelry from Greenview 107 to demonstrate what happens when they refuse the Lombardis’ protection plan, and some important packages and documents that may have initially belonged to the crime family.

In between jobs, the thief learns how to use more efficient tools of the thieving trade. Not only does this allow him to complete more complex jobs for the Lombardis, it also gives him the opportunity to take on more side jobs to benefit himself. Within a short period of time, he gains enough skill to be trusted with tasks in another neighborhood, but not before he is tested on some of the wealthier houses of Greenview. The thief passes those tests by stealing a special tablet from 101, as well as taking a car from 104.

From then on, Vinny sends him to Richie R. Street—One of the more affluent neighborhoods in the area. Starting with a package delivery to 204, the thief appears to be primarily helping the Lombardis blackmail several homeowners in the area. He plants a camera in the living room of Richie R. 206 and later retrieves it with whatever it captured. He also steals the car of the musician living in 205, sending a message on the Lombardis’ behalf. His main theft jobs have to deal with taking a car that contains a part belonging to the crime family, and replacing an expensive painting with a replica.

Vinny assures the thief that the replica job is his last. He sends him to Richie R. 202, where a Picasso painting replica is sitting in a storage shed. Once that replica is sent away on BlackBay, it is later tucked behind the shed of 208 by an unknown accomplice. The thief sneaks onto 208’s property to pick up the replica, then breaks into the house’s office to make the exchange. The real painting is rolled up and shipped away to its new owner.

With the painting on its way, Vinny informs the thief that not only has his debt has been paid, but the Lombardis decided to give him a little bonus for his hard work. The package is dropped in through the same hole in the gate that the package for 204 was earlier. Wary but curious, the thief picks up the package and gives it a once-over with his eyes. The player is then taken beyond the garage’s fence, where they can see the package explode from a distance.

After some time passes, it becomes evident that the thief did not go up in flames with his yard. The player’s focus is drawn to a crowbar leaning against a wall, which is picked up by an unseen individual.


As with most silent protagonists, the thief’s personality is the bare minimum. He has a sly look on his face during the first cut scene, meaning there may be some confidence there even early on in his career. Because he is completing this series of jobs, he can be seen as either loyal or dutiful--or at the very least, smart enough to know when to repay his debts. The fact that he survives Vinny’s explosive gift tells us that he is a quick thinker.


Vinny - It unknown whether or not the thief and Vinny knew each other before the game’s events. Vinny serves as his handler/main point of contact with the Lombardis, calling him when jobs need to be started or completed. One might also suspect that Vinny is constantly watching the thief from some hidden location, since he always calls as soon as a task is done.

It’s safe to assume that the thief doesn’t trust Vinny, since he is quick enough to escape the surprise package at the end of his servitude. He may not think one way or another about him, but at least respects the man’s position enough to follow his orders without saying a word.

The Lombardis – Maybe the thief had prior history with the Lombardis, or his activities were at least known by them. Whatever the case, they are familiar enough with him to pay his bail and put him in their debt. As this isn’t a very favorable position to be, it can be assumed that the thief isn’t particularly fond of the Lombardis, but also knows them well enough not to try and skip out on his debt. After being nearly killed by Vinny’s surprise, he may even feel a little vengeful towards them.

The Pawnbroker - At some point before the game's events, the pawnbroker and the thief must have met, because he always welcomes him back to his shop. They may not be best mates, but the pawnbroker is definitely the thief's best customer and primary source of income. When nothing is being requested on BlackBay or Rent-A-Thug, he can still rely on the pawnbroker to take in most of his ill-gotten goods. The only time they seem to be at odds is when the thief tries to sell something worthless at the pawn shop.