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Vehicles are a large part of the game. The thief uses them as transportation and storage, and has the opportunity to steal several for profit.

The Thief's Vehicles

Two cars are available for the thief to use as transportation: A small hatchback, and a large van. Both cars have a white box in the passenger's seat that can be used to store additional loot:

Select an item listed in one column of the storage interface to transfer it to the other.

The trunk of the car, and back of the van, can also be used to carry larger items that don't fit in the thief's backpack.


The thief's initial car is a black hatchback with two seats and a small amount of trunk space. In reality the hatchback looks like an old Mazda. It is waiting for him at the nearest curb after his first robbery. A white box sits on the floor between the glove compartment and the passenger seat, and can be used to store up to 15 lbs of additional loot. The trunk can only support two flat-laying items and one upright item.

While it doesn't carry much, the hatchback is small and able to maneuver into areas that the van can't. Once raised, the hatch can also be used as a ramp to get over some fences.


At level 19, a black van turns up for sale at the Pawn Shop. The cost is $35,000, but well worth it. Not only does the van have larger storage space, it's also taller than the hatchback, making it easier to hop fences.

The box in the van's passenger seat holds 30 lbs; twice as much as the starter car. Additionally, the back of the van can hold five flat items and three upright items--two and a half times what the trunk of the hatchback can carry.

Note: When visiting the Garage, thief's Hideout, Pawn Shop, or Junkyard, both vehicles will be parked nearby, regardless of which one was driven to that location. This gives the player the option to switch vehicles once they're ready to return to the neighborhoods.

Grand Theft Auto

There are a total of nine vehicles that can be stolen:

Image Model Location Tool Required Junkyard
Bolthorn 86 Classic.jpg
Bolthorn 86 Classic 104 - The Jones Car Lock Pick Gun 500
Aisan Cougar.jpg
Aisan Cougar 101 - The Smiths Car Lock Pick Gun 800
Bolthorn Family MkV.jpg
Bolthorn Family MkV 201 - The Reeds Car Lock Pick Gun 2000
Vulcan Spectre.jpg
Vulcan Spectre 205 - The Torres Car Key Signal Cloner 2000
Kubra GTS.jpg
Kubra GTS 207 - The Fosters Car Key Signal Cloner 1500
Vulcan Orange.jpg
Vulcan Spectre (Orange) 304 - The Lombardis Car Key OR
Signal Cloner
Skid Loader.jpg
Skid Loader 305 - Construction Site N/A 3000
Forklift 305 - Construction Site N/A 5000
Sleigh 307 - Factory Car Lock Pick Gun 500

The first six vehicles are sitting in the garage at their listed locations. It is highly recommended that the player make sure the garage door and car gate are both open before attempting to take a vehicle, since this will make for a faster getaway.

The Skid Loader and Forklift are both out in the open in the construction site. The loader can be driven off the lot via a nearby ramp, while the forklift must be carefully navigated through security to the front gate.

The Sleigh can be found to the right of the car gate on lot 307. This vehicle is only available during the Christmas Event.

Note: Stolen goods cannot be stored in the back of these cars for transport (not even the Bolthorn truck beds); however, the player can store items in the hatchback or van, and they will be transported back to the garage when the stolen car is driven out of the neighborhood.

Car Alarm

Some cars have an alarm that must be disabled before they can be taken. Trying to unlock the car before disabling the alarm will cause the police to be called.

Car Alarm.jpg

Unlock the Car

Four vehicles will need to be unlocked with a drill, while three have digital locks whose signals must be cloned. The drill takes time to use but the signal cloner acts like a key and immediately opens the door.

Car Drilling.jpg
The drill takes time, but does not alert tenants with its noise.
Signal Cloner.jpg
Once calibrated, the Car Key Signal Cloner turns off the alarm and acts as a key.


The Bolthorns, Aisan Cougar, Skid Loader, Forklift, and Sleigh will all need to be hotwired in order to start their engines. Hotwiring is represented by a short minigame where the player attempts to connect the correct wires to start the ignition.

Select each square until two yellow wires appear.

The Vulcans (white and orange) and Kubra do not need to be hotwired; they will immediately start with the use of the signal cloner. The orange Vulcan can also be driven away with a car key found on the property.

Driving Away

It might sound simple at first, but each vehicle handles differently and can pose a challenge while leaving the property. On top of that, pedestrians that see the thief driving off in the stolen car will call the police if he remains in their line of sight for too long. Obviously, it is much easier to steal cars at night, when fewer pedestrians are around.

Driving overall is a lot easier in third person mode. The key to change perspective while driving is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Chop Shop

Once a car has been returned to the garage, the thief can place it on the hydraulic lift and take it apart, piece by piece. At this time, the Skid Loader, Forklift, and Sleigh cannot be transferred to the lift.

Car Lift.jpg

Some pieces are requested on BlackBay, others will be automatically scrapped as junk, and all others will be transported to the storage locker on-site. As of patch 1.070, these additional parts can be sold to a junkyard.

Selecting certain parts of the car will allow access to that specific area (Engine, Rear Axle, Wheels, etc.), where the thief will have to remove each part of the car in the correct order. Accessible parts will be highlighted in green. Hold down the interaction key to remove the part.

The brake disc cannot be removed before the tire.

Be sure to check every angle of the car; some parts are well hidden if you're not familiar with a vehicle's components.

The shell and minimal parts of the vehicle chassis will be left behind after the more valuable parts are picked from it. Thanks to the addition of a junkyard, players are no longer forced to keep an empty frame inside the garage--It can be sold to the junkyard dealer. Overall, it's not necessary to take apart any car for the story missions, so each stolen vehicle can be left parked outside as part of a decorative collection.

A cool collection of cars.

Note: The orange Vulcan Spectre, Skid Loader, Forklift, and Sleigh will not appear in the garage; they only appear in the Hideout. This may be due to the fact that they are meant to only be available after a certain point in the storyline.


While it causes only minor issues, it's still good to be aware of what impact traffic can have on gameplay.

During the day, and rarely at night, cars can be seen traveling through Greenview and Richie R. Street. Cars do not pass through the Industrial Street. They cannot be interacted with, and the drivers will not acknowledge the thief when he is walking by with stolen goods or other suspicious behaviors.

If the thief parks his car in the middle of the road or just stands in the street, the cars will stop and the game will warn the player that traffic is blocked. After a while, the police will be called if the obstruction isn't moved.

The police will also be called if the thief hits one of the cars with his vehicle, or vice versa. Also, make sure you don't run into pedestrians.


The hatchback with a dent in its hood.

Overall, it's a good idea to avoid crashing into anything. Bumping into signposts, fences, other cars, trees, etc. can cause damage to the thief's vehicle, which will be immediately taken out of his funds. Damages may be in the double digits, which can really cost the thief early on in his career.