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SPOILER ALERT: This page describes different events that happen during gameplay, including the game's ending.

Vinny is the main antagonist of the Thief Simulator game. He serves as the thief's handler/main point of contact with The Lombardis.


He is encountered at the very beginning. He is the main contact of the thief.

Events of the Game

After the thief hops over a stone fence, he gets a call from his handler, Vinny, who informs him that his bail was posted by the Lombardi crime family. They expect to have their debt repaid with a little dishonest work, and he introduces the thief to the type of work he’ll be doing for them: Burglary and vandalism.


Of course, Vinny is untrustworthy, as we can see him tricking the thief into blowing up his own hideout, and all of this is to pay off the Lombardis's debt. Something that's very related to betrayal.

"That's it, man. The Lombardis are pleased. Not only is your debt settled but they told me to leave you with a bonus. Go check by the gate. I think you'll like it." ― Vinny


The Thief - It unknown whether or not Vinny and the thief knew each other before the game’s events. He serves as the thief's handler/main point of contact with the Lombardis, calling him when jobs need to be started or completed.

The Lombardis - Vinny seems to have a job with the Lombardis, and is also the only tenant besides three security guards at their mansion.

Vinny in The Lombardis's mansion